Defeasance Cost Estimate          
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  Original Loan Amount    
      The principal balance at the start of the loan.            
  1st Sched. Loan Paymt Date    
      Date of the first principal and interest payment on the loan.            
  Loan Term
      The number of scheduled monthly payments.
For instance, 10 years = 120 months.
This is likely different from the number of months the loan is amortized.
  Last Sched. Loan
Paymt Date
      This date is automatically calculated from the First Scheduled Loan Payment Date and the Loan Term provided by the user.            
  Interest Only
Period (months)
      The number of months from the First Scheduled Loan Payment Date where the borrower pays only interest and no principle reduction occurs. Immediately after this period ends amortization of the loan begins and extends to the Last Scheduled Loan Payment Date.            
  Amortization (months)    
      The number of months that the loan is amortized, over which principal would be fully repaid. For instance, 30 years = 360 months
Note: This period may likely not be the same number of months as the Loan Term, which can be much shorter, leaving a balloon payment due at the Loan Maturity date.
Rate %
      The annualized interest rate of the loan, not the monthly rate.            
  Monthly Loan Paymt    
      This value is automatically calculated. The fixed amount paid each month in principal plus interest during the amortization period. This is not the amounts paid monthly during an Interest Only Period, if any.            
  Defeasance Close Date    
      The planned date when the defeasance is complete and the borrower is released from their mortgage obligation.            
  1st Paymt After Defease Date    
      Typically, this the date in the month following the Defeasance Close Date when a payment under the loan was scheduled.            
  Defease Per.
End Date
      A defeasance period typically ends on the date that the loan agreement allows the remaining unpaid principal to be pre-paid in full. Your  loan agreement controls this date, but as a rule of thumb this date is often two months before the Maturity Date of the loan.            
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Securities Portfolio Cost:
  Unpaid Principal Balance, "UPB"
(at Defease date):
over UPB:
(at Defease Date)
  Percent Premium
over UPB:
  Estimated Defease Fees:   $33,500.00*          
  Estimated Total Cost to Defease:            
  *Fixed fees.  Additional fees vary with specific
factors, call (415) 510-2100 for relevant details.
  Defeasance Services
  The Information You Provided
  Original Loan
  First Schedule Loan Payment Date
  Loan Term
(in months)
  Last Scheduled Loan Payment Date
  Interest Only Period
(if any)
  Loan Amortization
(in months)
  Loan Interest Rate (annual %)
  Monthly Loan Payment
(principal and interest)
  Defeasance Close Date
  First Payment Date After Defeasance Closes
  Defeasance End Date
  Defeasance Services
  Defeasance Cost Estimate
Portfolio Cost
  Unpaid Principal Balance
(at Defease Date)
  Premium Over Unpaid Principal Balance
  % Premium Over
Unpaid Principal Balance
  Defeasance Fees
(call (415)  510-2100 for details)
  Estimated Cost
to Defease
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