Auto Depreciation Calculator
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NOTE: Drop in value represents the loss on initial investment that a purchaser could expect to experience upon a resale.
It differs from total depreciation because it includes sales taxes paid that would not be recouped upon the sale of the vehicle.
DISCLAIMER: This calculator should be used only as a general guide to assist users in visualizing the decline in value of their vehicle over time. Resale values assumes the vehicle is in good working condition with no body or windshield damage, tires, suspension & brakes that do not need immediatate replacement. Other factors may also affect the resale price.
Vehicle Trading Strategy
This calculator is designed to illustrate the financial impact of trading an existing vehicle for a replacement vehicle.
The values are for comparative purposes only.
The exisitng vehicle is traded for similarly priced vehicle
In all cases a new vehicle is purchased at the end of the 12th year
Price and Inflation Data
Purchase price of original vehicle - including tax
Rate of inflation
Total trading costs
Total purchase price of all vehicles over a 12 year period
Trading every 2 years
Trading every 3 years
Trading every 4 years
Trading every 6 years
Trading every 12 years
NOTE: This calculation does not include regular maintenance costs such as tire, brake, suspension and windshield replacements as they are required.
These costs would have a greater impact on those who trade less frequently.