The MortgagePlanner is designed to provide you with an estimated cost of ownership for a home that you are considering to purchase. For the purposes of this illustration the calculator defaults to monthly mortgage payments. Use the Mortgage Calculator to compare other payment scheudles including weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly.
Property information      
Value of home to be purchased  
Estimated minimum down payment    
Down payment    
Interest rate  
Amortization period  
Closing costs      
Land/Deed/Title Transer  
Home inspection ($500 - $700)  
Home appraisal ($200 - $300)  
Title insurance ($300 - $500)  
Legal fees and disbursements ($1000 - $2500)  
Estoppel certificates (condos & townhouses only - $300)  
Survey costs where required  
Total closing costs  
Special Programs      
First time home buyer rebate and/or other rebates   $0
Comparing Down Payment Options Minimum 20%  Selected
Down payment
Closing costs (not including CMHC fees)
Total cash required for purchase
Mortgage information Minimum 20% Selected
Base amount of mortgage
CMHC fees
Total on which payments are calculated
Mortgage payment schedule (monthly payments)
Property taxes (monthly rate or annual rate divided by 12)
Condo or strata fees (if applicable)
Property insurance
Total monthly cost of home ownership
Would you like to see the impact of a rate increase on your mortgage payments?
Amount of increase in your mortgage rate  
New Mortgage payment
Increase in monthly payments