Household Balance Sheet      
Assets Amount   Liabilities Amount    
Primary Residence   Mortgage on primary residence    
Furniture/appliances   Mortgage on vacation or 2nd property    
Vacation or 2nd Property   Vehicle loans    
Furniture/appliances   Student loans    
Recreational vehicles/holiday trailers   Other term loans    
Boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc.   Lines of credit    
Vehicle #1   Credit card debt    
Vehicle #2   Business/rental property mortgage & debt    
Bank chequing & savings accounts   Other debt    
Taxable investment/savings accounts      
RRSP/RRIF accounts   Total Liabilities    
TFSA accounts      
Defined contribution pension plans      
RESP accounts      
Cash value of universal or whole life insurance policies      
Precious metals (gold coins/bars)      
Artwork and jewelry      
Business/rental property value      
Total Assets   Total Net Worth    
Total net worth  $             -