Voice Pricing Calculator v1 Variables Description   Subtotal
# Incoming Numbers (DIDs) This is the number of DIDs that you have in total
# Total Minutes Spent on Incoming and Outgoing Calls (by operators) How many calls do you get per DID
# In House Clients How many clients are going to actually have an extension and be able to dial out? (anywhere in US/Canada)
Time spent on outgoing calls in US/Canada per Client? How much time is spent in total per month on those calls?
Time spent on calls received directly by client? Including transfer from operator How much time is spent on received calls per month from client's desk
# Conference Calls per Month How many conference calls do you do per month
Avg # Participants per Call How many people on average per call
Avg Length of Conf Call
# Calls Recorded Per Month
Avg Duration of Recorded Call